Node Providers

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# Ankr

Ankr (opens new window) provides a geo-distributed and decentralized (free) public and premium (Pay-as-you-go) Rollux RPC and websocket service (opens new window) comprised of many independent blockchain nodes running worldwide for low-latency and incredibly reliable connections.

Moreover, Ankr offers access to developer tooling on Rollux like SDKs and Advanced APIs (opens new window) such as NFT, Token and Query API.

# Supported Networks

# ThirdWeb

Thirdweb provides a web3 development framework including SDKs in every language, infrastructure, and easy smart contract deployment tools. They provide free rate-limited RPC and websocket services on the Rollux network.

# Supported Networks

# GetBlock

GetBlock is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that provides reliable instant API access to full nodes from multiple blockchains. GetBlock provides shared and dedicated nodes, as well as node clusters.

# Supported Networks

# Syscoin Foundation

The Syscoin Foundation provides free rate-limited RPC and websocket services for light usage and testing purposes.

# Supported Networks

The foundation also provides Blockbook APIs for Syscoin's Native UTXO chain, both mainnet (opens new window) and testnet (opens new window). The Native UTXO chain serves as deep infrastructure and is used by Rollux for L1 data availability (BitcoinDA). Refer to Blockbook API documentation (opens new window).

# Don't see your company here?

We try to keep this list up to date as we find out about more infrastructure providers who maintain Rollux nodes. If you're a node provider and you'd like to be included in this list, please message us in our Discord (opens new window) or make a PR (opens new window).