Meta Transactions

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# What are those?

Meta-transactions let users sign transactions that are then submitted (and the gas paid for) by somebody else. Rollux is one of the best places for meta-transactions because the low gas costs make it possible to explore business models that allow for payment for transactions by other means.

Here are some example use cases for meta-transactions:

  • Onboarding. Without meta-transactions, users who aren't necessarily committed to web3 still need to pay and go through KYC (opens new window) before they can do anything. This is a bad initial experience that can cause people to give up and pursue centralized alternatives instead, especially those unfamiliar with blockchain or web3.

  • Privacy. It's easy to use a new address for privacy purposes. It is a lot harder to transfer SYS to the new address privately without creating a connection between it and your identity.

  • Transaction payment by other means. With meta-transactions you can collect payment for transactions either using a different token (ERC-20) or an off-chain means (for example a credit card).

# Coming Soon

As our ecosystem of meta-transaction providers grows, we will add them here!