Network Faucets

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# The fees on Rollux are the lowest of all the EVMs out there! 🎉

This means we can provide you with mainnet SYS faucets that provide enough to cover fees in a pinch. Use them to get a tiny amount of SYS, enough to cover a network fee or two.

# Rollux SYS Faucets

# 🚰Rollux Mainnet (opens new window)

# 🚰Rollux Tanenbaum (opens new window)

If for any reason the Rollux SYS faucets are unavailable, head to the Rollux Discord (opens new window) and request some SYS there. Someone will likely be willing to send you a tiny amount.

# Syscoin NEVM SYS Faucets

# 🚰Syscoin NEVM (L1) Mainnet (opens new window)

# 🚰Syscoin NEVM (L1) Tanenbaum (opens new window)

# Higher amounts of TSYS (Test SYS) for devs and projects

If you need more TSYS than our faucets provide, head to the Syscoin Discord (opens new window) and request a bulk amount of TSYS there.