Create a Rollux NFT

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An NFT ecosystem consists of creators (supply), marketplaces, and buyers/traders (demand) built on top of infrastructures that enable algorithmic generation of art, and deployment of smart contracts.

# Luxy Marketplace (opens new window) is multichain and makes it very easy to create NFTs, collections, and provides a robust marketplace with leading-edge features to sell them. Luxy provides a state-of-the-art launchpad (opens new window), along with tools for creators. Check out Luxy's documentation portal (opens new window) to learn more.

# NFTs2Me

NFTs2Me (opens new window) is a no-code NFT toolset on Rollux that makes the process of creating, deploying, and minting your NFT collections as simple and straightforward as possible, while providing advanced and unique functionalities. Provides extensive tools that help you from start to finish, starting with algorithmic art generation, to smart contracts, snapshots, airdrops, phased sales, and even token gating for your community.

# thirdweb

Thirdweb (opens new window) provides no-code deployments for a wide variety of frequently-deployed smart contracts (opens new window) that you can use on Rollux, including for ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens and NFTs, NFT marketplaces, drops, and a ton more.

# Ankr Advanced API/SDK

Ankr (opens new window) provides some very useful functionalities and queries that power NFT-focused dapps on Rollux.