Get Support

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# We're excited you're part of the Rollux community, and happy to help!

Before reaching out for support, please view the Help Center guides and tutorials. You can also search our Discord (opens new window) to see if the answer has already been given!

Still need support? There are two dedicated support channels:

# Live Support for users πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

Need help right away? Head to #πŸ†˜β”‚live-support in the Rollux Discord (opens new window).
Keep in mind, sometimes this channel might be busy, or during holidays there might be fewer volunteers.

# Open a Support Ticket 🎫

If for any reason live support volunteers are unavailable at the moment, or it's just more convenient for you, feel free to open a ticket! We respond as quickly as possible.

The ticket system is available for you in #πŸ†˜β”‚open-ticket-support within the Rollux Discord (opens new window).