How do I move SYS from Syscoin UTXO to Rollux?

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"Why should I?"
Once your SYS is on Rollux, you will be able to use your SYS in a growing ecosystem of dapps, DeFi, games, and more, and take advantage of Rollux's speed and incredibly low fees without losing the security and decentralization of the UTXO chain which supports Rollux from beneath!

There are a few options for moving SYS from Syscoin's UTXO (native) chain to Rollux!

# Use a centralized exchange that supports both UTXO and Rollux

Difficulty: Easy
Decentralized: No

Some exchanges support both the UTXO and Rollux networks. Those exchanges can be used to move your SYS from UTXO to Rollux. Check Syscoin's Get SYS (opens new window) page to see which ones support both networks.

  1. Deposit your UTXO SYS to your exchange's address (a UTXO address usually starts with sys1, not 0x)
  2. Withdraw your SYS from the exchange by using Rollux as the target network you are withdrawing to and provide your 0x address
  3. Wait for your SYS to arrive on Rollux. Each exchange has its own withdraw process. Some exchanges are faster than others, but typically your SYS should arrive within 30 minutes or less.

Note: Exchanges are third-party providers. No one other than an exchange itself can vouch for its security. By using one, you accept the associated risks.

# Use the Syscoin Bridge, then use the Rollux Portal

Difficulty: Moderate
Decentralized: Yes

The Syscoin Bridge and Rollux Portal are the canonical bridges of our ecosystem.

  1. Use Syscoin Bridge to move your SYS from the UTXO chain to the NEVM chain. See video below.
  1. After your SYS is on Syscoin NEVM, use the Rollux Portal to move it to Rollux. See video below.