How do I use Rollux Mainnet with Pali Wallet?

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Managing assets on Rollux (or any other Ethereum-style network) means you will need a wallet to interact with the blockchain. Our community mainly recommends Pali Wallet. Pali is already set up to use Rollux and it's available as a mobile app and as a browser extension. Here are the steps to get started using Pali with Rollux.


Is your SYS on the Syscoin UTXO chain? Use the Pali browser extension. If yes, we recommend using the browser extension version of Pali, as it supports UTXO and is compatible with the Syscoin Bridge. The mobile version of Pali does not yet support Syscoin UTXO, but it does support Syscoin NEVM and Rollux.


Looking for the Pali Mobile Wallet? It is available in Apple's App Store (opens new window) and in Google's Play Store (opens new window) for Android devices!

# How to download & install the Pali Wallet browser extension

(Windows, MacOS, Linux)

  1. Head to the Pali Wallet (opens new window) official website
  1. Click the {Download} button at the bottom-left
  1. Click the button {Chrome} or {Firefox} depending on which browser you use. If you use Brave, Chromium, or any other Chrome-based browser, click {Chrome}. The button will take you to the appropriate store for you to download Pali Wallet.
  2. In the store, click the {Add to ...} button. This button name might vary depending on your browser. If you get a notification, click {Add extension}. This will download and begin installing Pali.
  3. Now wait for a browser notification that Pali has been installed.
  1. Click the Extensions icon toward the top-right of your browser (this might be different in Firefox-based browsers). Click the Pin icon next to Pali Wallet. This will add the Pali extension to your navigation bar, making it easier to access.
  2. Now click the Pali Wallet icon in your navigation bar. This will begin the setup process.
  1. Click {Get started}
  1. Now you must set your wallet password. You will use this password to unlock your wallet in order to access funds. Do not forget this password as no one including the Pali Wallet team can recover it for you. Make sure nobody is looking, then enter your password twice and click {Next}.

  2. Now you will see your 12 word recovery phrase. Make sure to record this like a password in a safe way where no one has unauthorized access to it. This phrase enables you to recover your wallet in a worst-case scenario. If someone else gets it, they will be able to access all of your funds. Once you have recorded it, click the button.

  3. On the next screen you will validate that you have indeed recorded your recovery phrase. Click the words in the proper order to rebuild your recovery phrase. Then click {Validate}

  4. Click {Ok}

Congratulations! 🎉 You've installed Pali Wallet. Next, we'll connect to the Rollux network!

# Pali Wallet is preconfigured with the Rollux network. You just need to select it.

  1. Open Pali Wallet. Click the network drop-down at the top left.

  2. Then click the {EVM Networks} drop-down, then scroll down and select {Rollux}.

Congratulations! 🎉 You are now using Rollux with Pali Wallet.

# Final notes:

# Adding more networks

You can add the Rollux Testnet by returning to step 13, selecting {Custom RPC}, and entering Rollux Testnet details.

As you can see, you can add any EVM network here if you have the details. Details for many different networks are available on ChainList (opens new window).

# Switching Pali to use a different network

You can switch your Pali Wallet to a different network very easily! Just click the network drop-down list at the top-left corner of your Pali window, and select which network you need to use at the moment.

# About your accounts/addresses in Pali Wallet

One great thing about Pali is it supports both Ethereum-style and Bitcoin-style chains! Please note that these two main network-types use different types of addresses.

All Ethereum-style EVMs (Ethereum Virtual Machine) blockchains enable you to use the same accounts/addresses across all the different EVM networks! That means you can use the same addresses on Ethereum and Syscoin NEVM as you do on Rollux! Just remember, you must be connected to that network with your Pali in order to access any funds/assets you have on that network!

Bitcoin-style (aka "UTXO") blockchains are a little different! Not only do they use addresses that are completely different from Ethereum-style chains, but they also might use completely different address types from other Bitcoin-style chains. Be mindful of these differences!

# Importing your accounts to a different Ethereum-style wallet

If you need to use a different Ethereum-style wallet for any reason, you can import your account into any other Ethereum-style wallet, like MetaMask (opens new window), by using your 12 word recovery phrase!

# Have questions? Get Support.