How do I start using Rollux Mainnet?

... 2023-6-25 About 2 min

Join the ecosystem that is securing Web3 with Bitcoin and scaling EVM for widespread adoption.

To start using the variety of apps across DeFi, NFT, Gaming, and more on Rollux you'll need a wallet with some SYS to cover transaction costs.

New to crypto, no problem! It only takes 3 steps:

  1. Download a wallet

  2. Add Rollux to your wallet (optional)

  3. Fund your wallet with SYS

Keep reading for more detailed steps!

# Step 1 - Download a wallet

Your wallet is like your universal account — instead of creating new accounts on every website, just connect your wallet to use apps on Rollux. Wallets allow you to store digital assets like SYS and interact with apps.

There are a lot of different wallets available.

If you're new to Rollux, the recommended wallets from the community are:

Pali Wallet (opens new window) (Mobile (iOS, Android), and browser extension (Chrome, Firefox))
Metamask (opens new window) (Mobile (iOS, Android), and browser extension (Chrome, Firefox))

# Step 2 - Add Rollux to your wallet (optional)

The Rollux network is already available in Pali Wallet by default, so if you choose to install and use Pali you can skip this step! Otherwise, to add Rollux to MetaMask follow this guide.

# Step 3 - Fund your wallet with SYS

To try an app on Rollux you'll need SYS to pay for transaction fees. You can deposit SYS directly onto Rollux from a debit or credit card, an exchange, or from Syscoin NEVM by using a bridge.

There are three main options to get SYS into your wallet on Rollux:

Centralized Exchange (recommended for ease-of-use)
You can buy SYS from a growing list of exchanges that support the Rollux network.

When you withdraw your SYS from any of the above exchanges, select Rollux as the network you are withdrawing to and provide your wallet address that begins with "0x".

There are also exchanges that support Syscoin NEVM (Rollux's Layer 1) such as KuCoin (opens new window). You can get SYS from those too! However, after withdrawing your SYS to Syscoin NEVM you will need to use Rollux's canonical bridge called Rollux Portal (opens new window) to get your SYS onto Rollux.

Bridge your SYS or other assets from Syscoin NEVM to Rollux
Our canonical bridge is called Rollux Portal (opens new window). It makes it easy to move your SYS (or other digital assets) from Syscoin NEVM to Rollux!

Get SYS on demand with your credit/debit card, Apple Pay, or other legacy payment methods
Coming soon! Check back for an easy on-ramp!

# You're all set! Now explore the Rollux ecosystem (opens new window)!

Made it this far? Congrats! 🎉 You now have a wallet that's funded and setup to use Rollux.

# Rollux Mainnet network details

Some wallets might require you to enter network details manually. If you need those details for Rollux Mainnet, they are as follows:

Field Content
Network Name Rollux Mainnet
RPC server
Chain ID 570
Coin name SYS

Please note: These network details are for end-users, not for production systems like application backends. If you are project that needs to integrate Rollux Mainnet, go here for a list of providers such as Ankr

# Have questions? Get Support.