Bridging basics

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Although Rollux is an L2 (and therefore fundamentally connected to Syscoin), it's also a separate blockchain system. App developers commonly need to move data and assets between Rollux and Syscoin. We call the process of moving data and assets between the two networks "bridging".

# Sending tokens

For the most common usecase, moving tokens around, we've created the Standard Token Bridge. The Standard Token Bridge is a simple smart contract with all the functionality you need to move tokens between Rollux and Syscoin. It also allows you to easily create L2 representations of existing tokens on Syscoin.

# Sending data

If the Standard Token Bridge doesn't fully cover your use case, you can also send arbitrary data between L1 and L2. You can use this functionality to have a contract on Syscoin trigger a contract function on Rollux and vice versa. We've made this process as easy as possible by giving developers a simple API for triggering a cross-chain function call. We even use this API under the hood (opens new window) inside the Standard Token Bridge.